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Brand Credibility – WHY Consistency & Patience are the 21st Century Gold Mine for High-Growth SMEs

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person” – and this comes from the founder of one of the most recognizable enterprises of our century, Amazon.

Business brands - the persona of each company - serve as core differentiators, offering a competitive edge when leveraged effectively. Establishing a distinct brand identity represents the stepping stone for a company to delineate its uniqueness and articulate its distinctive value proposition.

Credibility is about resonating with the customers on an emotional, almost personal level. Founders of high-growth SMEs must embrace brand credibility not as an afterthought but as a fundamental pillar of their growth strategy.

Lead Generation vs. Brand Credibility

For most SME founders, there is a strategic dilemma of balancing the focus on brand awareness or lead generation. Yet, lead generation is the primary goal most of the time – approximately 53% of marketers allocate half of their budget towards lead generation initiatives, according to data sourced from Ruleranalytics.

As such, this myopic fixation on lead generation can inadvertently lead to certain pitfalls. Why? Overemphasizing immediate conversions might undermine the essential groundwork that brand awareness lays, potentially stifling long-term growth prospects.

Plus, the exclusive pursuit of lead generation might inadvertently narrow the funnel of potential customers, failing to reinforce the latent power of cultivating a broader audience intrigued by the overarching brand story.

So, what should be done instead?

Brand credibility should become a priority for founders, underpinned by consistency and patience.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency

Consumers prefer to engage with trustworthy brands, underscoring the importance of establishing a credible and trust-based relationship before anticipating sales growth.

While larger enterprises can occasionally afford the luxury of occasional missteps, for a smaller business, every touchpoint with the customer can either fortify or fray that trust.

Estimates from the Content Marketing Institute indicate that 75% of marketing professionals have reported that digital marketing strategies have enhanced their company's credibility and trustworthiness.

A consistent brand image across channels enhances memorability, with customers associating specific visuals and messaging with your brand. This "mere exposure" effect fosters a preference for what's familiar, leading to brand loyalty and potent word-of-mouth marketing.


Constantly showcasing distinct content marketing efforts would make customers recall your brand amidst myriad options. A lack of a distinct identity can, however, blur your brand in the crowd.

Patience: The Steady Path to Authority

HubSpot found that 82% of businesses indicate they utilize content marketing strategies – but how many of them have the patience to do this on a long-term basis? Branding is a patient craft - building a credible brand identity is a gradual process. It demands research, planning, and long-term content marketing efforts.

It is pretty similar to the Hare and the Tortoise tale – no matter how slow you are, if you don’t give up, you win!

Authority isn't built overnight - online, this concept translates to Domain Authority, a metric gauging your website's reputation. High-quality links to your website boost this metric more than numerous lesser-quality links.

Eventually, a patient approach to branding emphasizes quality and excellence, which is crucial for building credibility. Instant results may be tempting - frankly, the majority of business founders conceptualize success as being fast - a long-term commitment to branding brings unique benefits:

  • Trust Building: Genuinely engaging and understanding new customers builds trust. Once built, this trust fosters loyalty and recommendations, growing your business's network.

  • Deeper Insights: By spending time in these connections, firms may learn more about prospective consumers' requirements, preferences, and problem spots. This vital data may improve products and services.

  • Sustainable Growth: Yes - fast successes are great, but persistent relationship-building leads to stable corporate development. These maintained leads convert better and have a higher lifetime value.

Concluding Thoughts

Although many SME founders are fixated on lead generation, prioritizing immediate conversions might overshadow the foundational importance of brand awareness, thereby risking long-term growth.

A well-crafted brand story doesn't merely drive conversions; it expands a company's audience, solidifying its position in the market and nurturing trust and loyalty among consumers.

Building credibility with consumers mandates consistency across all branding elements. Especially for smaller businesses, consistent branding isn't about mere recognition—it's about cementing lasting, credibility-based relationships.

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