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Strokes of Cream

Digital Marketing Dynamics: Navigating Trends with X10 Insights

Think about how marketing strategies have evolved over the last century. Door-to-door and in-person sales have been the norm for a long time. Virtual marketing tactics, like search engine optimisation and social media marketing, have maintained their high-performance level since the introduction of the internet.




In today's competitive business landscape, standing out is more critical than ever. This FREE e-book will empower you with the knowledge and strategies to:


  • Have a clear idea of the touchpoints/channels your customers will hit, and how to ensure they are on brand

  • Have a clear idea of who you are as a personal brand and how you need to translate this into your content

  • Have an idea of your key priorities for the quarter and how to map out the actions to ensure you are successful.

  • Have clear goals for the next year – broken into quarters

  • Know exactly which market you serve and describe your target audience’s external and internal problems.

  • Know what solutions your business/your profile provides and how they solve the problems the market faces

The fundamentals for building your business audience...

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